FRANX Stoneworks & Restoration Ltd are facade restoration specialist, All FRANX operatives are competent craftsmen and holders of CSCS heritage cards and NVQs in facade cleaning and preservation.


Stone Restoration & Conservation 

Stone restoration can be completed to many types, shapes and sizes of stone. There are two methods, complete removal of decayed unit and replaced with new, or by carefully dressing/cutting back the decayed stone to a sound material. The restoration process continues by applying a carefully gaged mortar to the prepared area, and reformed using specialist hand tools to match existing profiles.  

Heritage properties specialists

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Brick Pointing/Stone Pointing

Repointing is the process of removing old mortar and replacing with new between stone units or brick work. Depending on the time your property was built determines the style, and most importantly the material used (lime or cement) FRANX can provide a mortar analysis to identify the material used allowing an accurate match. It is important the right material is selected and the removal and repointing process is done correctly, or irreparable damage can be caused to stone units or brick work.  

Brick Restoration 

Brick restoration is a cost effective way to bring your building’s façade back to life, regardless of shape size or colour. Once FRANX have provided a mortar analysis to determine the colour of a brick or variety if mixed, FRANX can proceed with traditional restoration techniques bringing your commercial or domestic property back to life. 

Lime Mortar Specialists

Stucco Render 

Stucco render can either be applied as a lime mix or Portland cement, there are also many other additives used in this historic render as a bonding agent. The purpose of this render is to disguise and cover rough areas of these builds giving the effect as if built with natural stone and enhancing the facades look.

Facade Cleaning 

There are many options when cleaning a building’s façade, from hot washes, poultices and chemicals. It is important the correct technique is carried out or irreparable damage can be caused to the building’s façade. Please head to our contact form to discuss your needs. Or alternatively click here .